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Re-Energize your Business & Kick A$$ in 2018! 

A 5-week course for zealous event-preneurs ready to brainstorm brilliance & catapult their business 1st quarter 2018

This group program will show you:

HOW to charge what you’re worth

Price the VALUE you provide

BOOK clients who say “you’re worth it!”

If you feel as if:

  • You are tired of doing the same thing(s) over and over 

  • Your business can use some revamp and an extra few set of eyes (this is a group program) and ideas 
  • Articulating your value to inquiries seems like sales or you break and charge LE$$ for your services / product
  • You are spinning your entrepreneurial wheels
  • You attract people who can't afford your services or aren't great fits for what you're providing

This 5-week Group course (plus materials) IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

It will help you:

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  1. REJUVENATE your business' unique vibe

  2. FOCUS your purpose


  1. ATTRACTS your ideal clients

  2. BOOSTS your value


Here’s the formula: 

Clarity + Messaging = Profit

This Five Week Group Program includes:

  1. 5 x weekly 60 minute group video calls THURSDAYS AT 1 PM (PST) where I share with you the week's goal + to do's to accomplish it (Thur. Jan. 11 - Thur. Feb. 8th)

  2. 4 x weekly 30 minute group video calls TUESDAYS AT 11 AM (PST) to check in, share your progress + ask for specific feedback (Tue. Jan. 16 - Tue. Feb. 13th)
  3. email access to discuss and review the tasks to reach your goals
  4. a private Face Book group so we can continue the conversation between group video calls
  5. a workbook to follow and complete each module

Composed of five weekly modules that will show you HOW to:

1) Identify WHO is Your Perfect Client: so that you can focus your efforts to a targeted audience.

  • A matrix to identify your PERFECT CLIENTS
  • An exercise to dig deeper into your perfect clients' personas and needs

2) Showcase WHAT Makes You Unique: so that you can state your price with CONFIDENCE.

  • A group exercise that will have you both teaching and learning about yourself + each other
  • An exercise to share your talents and services and have the inquiry yearning to hire YOU!

3) Visioning WHERE Your business is going: so that you can pave the road to Kick A$$ 2018!

  • Decipher your short term and longterm goals 
  • Determine your top 2 revenue generating goals + HOW to accomplish them.

4) Conquer an IRRESISTIBLE  About Page: so you can convert visitors into customers with value you provide.

  • Case studies of killer about pages
  • Articulate your value + your clients' needs in order to attract perfect clients

5) WHERE to (Consistently) Message your Value: so that you can streamline your efforts when giving your (potential) clients a chance to see additional dimensions of your personality or your company.

  • Determine your top 2 marketing generating goals + the STEPS to accomplish them
  • Update your value and services consistently online 

*** Bonus *** 1:1 Assessment of Your Current Website (if you join by Fri. Dec. 29th at 8 PST): so that you can prioritize what seems like a NEVER-ENDING and GARGANTUAN project into areas that will bring you money and table the items which can be done 'down the line'.


KICK A$$ in 2018! is a strategic 5 week mini-course for Event-Preneurs

but get overwhelmed by:

  • figuring WHERE to start

  • ciphering HOW to execute goals

  • JUGGLING day-to-day bussiness

  • doing it ALONE

who DESIRE to:

  • do things DIFFERENTLY (within 6 wks of) this year

  • CATAPULT their business to a new level

  • have their BEST revenue generating year to date

  • work with PERFECT clients who VALUE their talents 


You just ended your event season a little fizzled.

Feeling a bit defeated and somewhat tired (okay, really tired, who are we kidding?!) because of a challenging last quarter, you are DETERMINED and PROMISE to yourself:

"I AM going to do things differently next season!" 

Then, as you take some time off and are rolling right into the holidays to spend time with friends and loved ones, the determination of 'doing things differently' goes on vacation too, except for during down times, or at night when you relax and go to sleep to the waning event-preneur voice which implores "do things differently in 2018...." and you respond:

"I will... I WILL! do things differently, SOON!"

YAY, it's the New Year, your intention on setting NEW goals and resolutions re-inflates, and you are ready to TACKLE your to do's! As you conceptualize and resolve to take action, your 2018 clients reach out to you and start taking up your time because, "my event is THIS year! I need you NOW!" So, you put on your "SUPER-PRENEUR" cape and pivot your focus on your clients' needs and re-prioritize your GOALS and DETERMINATION into the 'as soon as I do this for my clients' list'. That little voice appears less frequently and when it does it asks with petulance:

"ARE we are going to do things differently this year?"

To appease the voice, you validate yourself with:

"What's the urgency?! I SHOULD have time to do those things next week"

Spring has sprung, you're full force into the swing of things, inquiries are coming in strong and your GOALS and DESIRE to 'do things differently' have faded because you presume "things ARE different this year!". The voice finally disappears..... UNTIL 1/2 WAY THRU THE YEAR, when you are BURNT OUT and KICKING YOURSELF and the voice is regrettably scolding you:

Kick A$$ in 2018 Zohe Felici Zealous EventPreneur

"you SHOULD have done things differently this past year!"

You glance at your dusty and unused "SUPER-PRENEUR CAPE" and a once hopeful goals and to do list. 

"That's okay", you justify, "there is still the end of next season to: revisit my pricing, dust off my about value page and increase my visibility to work with my PERFECT clients"

.........exactly the same as you have done over and over for the past XX years.......ending your event season a little fizzled....

Trust me, I know! I did it for years until I got myself out of my

"Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda" song and dance.

That is why I am absolutely THRILLED to share with you my KICK A$$ in 2018 strategic mini-course, where I construe my successful systems and processes into a 5 week group workshop, so that you can attract your perfect clients + grow your business in the first 45 days of the year!!