zohe felici business coach quote what do you desire?

Riddle me this...

  • Is your business making enough to barely pay bills?

  • Are you spinning your wheels to 'get it all done'?

  • Is your business running you and your lifestyle and schedule?

Do YOU Want To....

  • Plan a strategy so that you can ENJOY the life you desire?

  • Charge what you are worth to your PERFECT clients?

  • Establish a work-life BALANCE with your business?


NOW is the time to MANIFEST your ASPIRATIONS and INCREASE your wedding and event business income in just 90 days!

3-Month Transformational 1:1 Program

Designed for the Event-Preneur who is motivated and desires to build momentum and catapult results toward their event-preneur DREAMS and GOALS.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Have focus on what is REALLY important in your business

  • Be accessible, but EXCLUSIVE

  • Be accredited by clients who BOAST your value and services

  • Have CLARITY in your business goals

  • Build a BRANDED and CURRENT online presence

  • Charge what you are TRULY worth

  • Have clients BEGGING to work with you

  • Develop a brand that is AUTHENTIC to you!

  • Feel EXCITED while you create the life you LOVE


I know your business inside and out. I have a been thru the motions and have proven methods to successfully take businesses to the next level. I will provide you with one on one time together as we analyze where you are in your business and where you want to be. I will give you the foundation you need to help you build a solid business and reap the rewards.

When you work with me, I dedicate personal attention to provide the effective support you need to build momentum and to take action in order to IGNITE your dreams. I customize a program just for you – exactly where you are in your business and teach you the secrets to:

  • Finding clarity on what you want

  • Defining who you serve

  • Identifying your perfect clients

  • Messaging what you provide

  • Attracting your perfect clients

  • Creating current branding

  • Strategic marketing and social media tools and tips

  • Crushing measurable goals for growth and expansion

  • Setting up systems to work smarter and free up your time

  • Successful business (re)launch

  • Powerful sales and profitable practices

  • Effective blogging and virtual visibility

  • Brainstorming services that combine your passion and talents

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My Transformation Program IS for you IF:

  • You are a PROGRESSIVE Wedding and Event-Preneur.

  • You long to create exquisite events.

  • You are forward thinking.

  • You care about evolving and keeping up with the times.

  • You cater to the millennial couple.

  • You desire a branded, current online presence.

  • You are working too hard due to lacking systems and processes.

  • You invest in marketing and are not bringing PERFECT clients.

  • You desire to move forward quickly.

  • You want to avoid making crucial event-preneur mistakes.

  • You are distressed by not making what you are TRULY worth.

  • You care about evolving.

  • You want to be part of the bigger picture.

  • You have the hunger to attract your perfect client.

My Transformation Program IS NOT for you IF:

  • You are not ready for entrepreneurship.

  • You are not convinced you DESERVE a life of happiness and prosperity.

  • You are not ready to DIG DEEP about what's holding you back.

  • You are not willing to connect with your strengths

  • You are not willing to connect with your weaknesses

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself and reap the rewards.

  • You are not ready to define HUGE financial goals.

  • You are not ready for improvements IN your business.

  • You are content with making the same income year after year.

  • You are not wanting to make money while running your business.

  • You are not ready to brainstorm brilliance.

  • You are not ready to be accountable.

  • You are not ready to receive guidance.

3-Month Transformational 1:1 Program

Change is a journey, as is life and the design of anything worthwhile. Like the creation of an event or a new building or work of art, there are stages of conception, design, problem solving and execution followed by evaluation, refinement, rethinking and achievement.

That is what this transformation program is all about.

During this program I design precisely what you will achieve as well as work through the obstacles, changes and party fouls that present themselves along the way.  It’s fun and it usually ends up being one of the most rewarding steps you ever take for yourself.

What is Included:

We will meet once a week for 45-60 minutes, 3 months in a row; usually over a conference line of video chat. Since most of your real growth and success will happen outside of these sessions as you step into the future you are creating, I am available via telephone and email for updates and questions, or if you just need an extra boost in-between the sessions.


This is an organic and dynamic process designed to meet you where you are so we can get you to where you want to be. There is no formula or syllabus. I am equipped with tools, lessons, exercises and programs to support you in your growth, however, the objective is to include them into your needs rather than cram you into a curriculum.

Investment:  $5000

Installment Plan - 3 Payments of $1800 for 3 Months
Only 5 Spaces Available

What Happens Next?


You Are Amazing And Capable Of Creating Your DREAM Life.  

1.  Book a Complimentary 45 minute breakthrough call. 

2.  Invest in transformational mentorship program. 

3.  We schedule your 8 week program. 

4.  We brainstorm brilliance and catapult your business to the next level