I was a Guest on a Podcast as a Destination Wedding Expert!

Zohe Felici Destination Wedding podcast.jpg

I was so excited to be a guest on Essential Planner Co. Podcast with Whitney Drake!

Take a listen, we’re talking through all things destination weddings such as:

Why it really makes sense to book a wedding coordinator and not just rely on the venue’s site manager.

How differences in work ethics and just general business operations between you and the vendors you’ve contracted for your big day (especially if the vendors are international) could impact you in your planning process

Tips and tricks for communicating well and defining expectations with your vendors.

The best time to take engagement photos.

If you’re thinking that a destination wedding might be the way to go on your big day (whether it’s in a different part of your state, in a different country, or even on the other side of the world) this episode is going to inspire you and equip you with tons of helpful advice.