How to Jumpstart Your Week To Get The Business You Want

How many times do you catch yourself pushing off something that needs to be done in your business?


You tell yourself that you’ll get to it tomorrow.

Or by the end of the week.

Or sometime next week. Yes, definitely next week.

…Next month maybe?


 And pretty soon, that next whatever turns into never.


If you’ve been following along in my exclusive Facebook group for creative event and wedding professionals, you already know that I’m sharing tips for the next 45 days to help you build your business and make it thrive. (If you’re not part of our group yet — you can join it right here.)


The truth is, it’ll always feel better to push something off — but only in the short term. We do this because we imagine that we’ll have more time or energy to tackle those tasks in the future. And more patience. More insight. More motivation. You name it.


But the best time to start building and growing your business into what you want it to be is — you guessed it — RIGHT NOW. 


This week, I want to share an easy way to jumpstart your week so you can create the business you want.


We’ve all heard of Motivation Monday, right? It’s a new day of the week, a fresh start, the perfect time to kick off your week on the right foot. But do you ever wake up on Monday morning ready to go, but then suddenly you don’t know exactly where to start? 


It’s not just you. We’re trained to constantly be working; pressured to always be productive. But none of that matters if you don’t know what you want and the direction you want to take in your business. So what’s the fix?


The best way to start off Motivation Monday actually starts the day before. During the typical work week, we’re so busy answering clients, replying to inquiries, managing tasks, and more that we have little time to focus on the bigger picture. When you can’t find time to focus on the bigger picture, you can quickly get caught up in the daily tasks and lose focus on your bigger goals.


If I may suggest, it’s time to introduce Self-Care Sunday into your routine — and I don’t mean bubble baths or binging Netflix (although you can totally do that too.)


I recommend taking just 10 minutes of your day to jot down 10 things that are important to you. These 10 things could be a list of the things you enjoy doing the most, a list of things that make you feel your happiest, a list of things you want to accomplish in the next couple of months or years.


Taking this time to reflect allows you to step back from the inner workings of your business and see the bigger picture. (And remember, you can’t do good work if all you do is work.)


For example:

  • Do you want more free time to travel? How can you modify your business to make it so? 


  • Do you feel happiest when you’re working with smaller community events or micro weddings? How can you find this particular audience?


  • Do you feel most inspired when working with fewer clients but on bigger, more involved projects? What do these types of events look like to you?


Set aside this important time for yourself on Sundays — just 10 minutes — and you’ll quickly realize where your dreams and goals could take you. These goals you make on Sunday will turn into actionable steps that you can take on Monday. This means every Monday, you can jumpstart your week with actionable steps that help you grow the business and life that you want.


If you need help putting those goals into steps, let’s hope on a complimentary 45-minute phone call, and we can dive into your business goals together.

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