FOMO an Addict’s Confession and the Side-Effects of this Behaviour……

The other day I had the pleasure of talking with 2 wedding planners & designers who are measuring their success via other’s businesses/bookings/social media, etc.

My advice:

“Don’t waste your time seeing what others are doing. Focus on yourself!”

Other than invoking worry and negative emotions, here are a few side effects of FOMO with this client’s behavior:

  • they are not standing apart from the competition

  • they are not attracting their perfect clients

  • they are not charging their appraisal

  • they are not booking their inquiries

Do you fall victim to this TERRIBLE addiction?

  • It is such a time and energy sucker

  • It is detrimental to your health and your integrity

  • It kills your joy (in business and in life)

  • It plummets if not KILLS your business

…….and I can prove it!

Shifting AWAY from this nasty habit to focus on YOUR superpower will undoubtedly catapult your creative event business into a thriving enterprise.

After all, there’s a reason why the expression ‘keep your eye on the prize’ exists.

……..BUT, if you’re not sure of what ‘the prize is’ or what your ‘goals’ are you will stay STUCK here.

That is why it is important to understand and implement the foundation of this success tactic.

If you’re committed and do what it takes to promote your business, so you rise head and shoulders above your competitors (even if you’ve been doing this for decades) and find out what’s really stopping you, let’s set up a breakthrough call and get clarity on the truth of the problem.

I’ve opened up a few spots in the next week to speak to some ultra-committed creative wedding and event pros about how you can scale your business in eight weeks without spinning your wheels in order to keep up with competitors.

There’s no charge for this and it’s totally free.

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