4 Mistakes Owners Make When Trying to Scale Their Business

Ever stuck wondering how you can scale your business without having to give up every weekend?

Especially in our industry, when SO much of what we do happens on weekends.

It’s quite the dilemma, I know. But it actually PAINS me when I see my fellow wedding and event pros work so hard for their clients and their business — and yet when we break down their hourly earnings, they are making less than $15/hour.

They are struggling to save money. To pay their taxes. Afford vacations. Or simply treat themselves to a well-deserved gift. 

All of this is on TOP of giving up weekends and not being able to take much-needed time off.

It’s the pits, honestly. And almost every time, these business owners are making the same 4 mistakes over and over and over again. Here’s what they’re doing:


1. Post without a plan, excessively, or not at all on social media

Your digital presence is everything. How you present yourself online will determine if you attract the right clients or the wrong clients. And yes, there is a huge difference because you don’t want to attract just any client.

2. Dump money into advertising on wedding sites 

Advertising sites are a race to the bottom. Potential clients are simply comparing the lowest rates for multiple businesses. The limitations of how much you can share about yourself imposed by these sites mean that potential clients don’t get to see your secret sauce, AKA what makes you stand head and shoulders above competitors.

3. Slash pricing or negotiate services

When you negotiate your services, clients no longer value your worth. Knowing and understanding your worth is important as it attracts the right kind of clients. In turn, you need fewer of them because you aren’t piecing together a bunch of small-paying clients to just made ends meet.

4. Pay an exorbitant amount to participate in wedding fairs

Similar to advertising sites, these fairs can be a race to the bottom. Instead, what if you could position yourself in a way that the right clients are coming to you in droves?

Want to know why the above tactics don’t work? (No, it is not because they’re not a great salesperson or a good marketer.)

It is because these business owners are making themselves teeny tiny fish in a vast ocean. They’re getting overlooked or ghosted by inquiries who are already overwhelmed by all the event pros out there.

Then they start feeling like they can’t make it in this business at all.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

If this is hitting a little too close to home for you, too, I can help.

If you really want to make profits and create real income, there are only 3 things you need to know:

  1. What is your SUPERPOWER that you offer, and no one else has?
  2. Who is your ideal client, and what do they need that you offer?
  3. How do you communicate your value, so couples are excited to pay your premium pricing and packages?

These principles are the foundation of what I teach in Six Figure Wedding and Event Pros in order to create an “automation with personalization” process custom-made for each of my business owner clients.

THE BEST PART? You don’t need to be tech-savvy, a salesperson, or great at marketing to make more money and work less.

I have a proven plan that breaks it down and gives you the structure to build a successful business, so you can have the life that you envision for yourself.

You can literally start TODAY. The only thing stopping you … is you. So what will it be? Are you ready to scale, the right way? Book a complimentary call now to learn more.

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