Most Creative Event Professionals Struggle With This Same Problem

Let’s say I’m in the market for a new car. Here are two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

In the first scenario, I’m not much of a car person. My only criterion is that the car is grey, so it disguises dirt, and I don’t have to wash it as often. If the only criteria I have for purchasing a car is its color, AKA very broad criteria, many dealerships could try to sell a grey car to me, whether that is Volkswagen, Honda, Mazda…you name it.

The competition for making a sale is very saturated here. There are many grey cars that many different sellers can try to get me to buy.

Scenario 2:

Let’s look at scenario two.

Now, if I’m in the market for a new car, and I’m VERY MUCH a car person, the options are much narrower because I’m very particular. I have style. I have taste. I know I want a Mercedes, so I go to a Mercedes dealership. Now the car salesperson only has to sell me on the details. Do I want grey, or perhaps red? (It does look good with my lipstick, after all.) Convertible or no convertible?

The competition for the salesperson making a sale in this scenario is MUCH less. The salesperson had to do very little work—the car practically sold itself to me. Why? 

Because I was their ideal client, in an already narrow niche. 

In other words, the exact thing you need to identify in your business, too. 

In order to have a successful creative event business, you need to identify who your ideal client is within your specific niche. It sets the ENTIRE foundation for your business, and it makes your sale as easy as selling a very specific car to a very specific buyer.

Identifying the ideal client happens to be the #1 problem creatives in my transformation sessions bring to me. It’s also the #1 thing that can make or break your business. 

Especially when:

  • 50% of business owners are out of business within a year

  • 25% of business owners are out of business within five years

That’s 75% of businesses going out of business within five years.

How do you avoid becoming one of these statistics? 

We can keep that from happening by identifying who your perfect client is and marketing directly to them.

I’m passionate about mentoring on this topic because not many people understand our businesses in our specific industry. We’re creatives! We’re a special group full of talented photographers, event designers, bakers, florists! Our craft is certainly not marketing and being in front of a computer talking to people—it’s creating.

BUT… (there’s always a but)

That doesn’t mean that just because you’re a creative that you can put your marketing on the backburner entirely, and just cross your fingers and hope you’ll get the business. It won’t happen.

Here’s how identifying your perfect client makes your marketing a breeze:

It makes your messaging crystal clear. You can stop spinning your wheels about what to post. You can stop burning money on ads that aren’t getting the return you want. You can stop following up on inquiries that aren’t going anywhere.  

In short, you streamline your communication and talk directly to your ideal client.

Sounds easy, right?

Well sort of…until you try to identify your perfect client on your own and start coming up with more questions than answers.

Here’s where I can help:

My 8-week transformation program will solve all your marketing problems and get you back to doing what you love doing—creating.

In this course, we talk about two types of marketing you’re likely to encounter in your business: reactive and proactive marketing, and which of those two you want to be.

In the first week alone, we’ll work together to:

  • Define your unique qualities and identify what your superpower is

  • Identify your ideal client with my exclusive matrix system

  • Dissect your “About Page” and discuss if your messaging is actually targeting your ideal client

  • Review and update your packages and prices, ensuring these two things are aligned with who you are targetting

One last thought:

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business 5, 10, or 15 years, it’s crucial to understand who is your ideal client. It’s the #1 problem creatives come to me with, and the most important one to solve. It will serve as the foundation of your business moving forward and will determine everything you do.

If you’re not crystal clear on this concept, you’re going to be working harder, constantly slashing prices, and spinning your wheels as you hope for the phone to ring or inquires to come in.

Are you ready to start taking your business seriously and identify who your ideal client is?

Sign up here.

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