Has Your Business Turned into A Risky Balancing Act? Here’s The Fix.

Running a business by yourself is a lot like the one-man circus act balancing the spinning plates. The act starts out simple enough. One plate spinning on a stick; he can handle it alright. Then another plate, and another, and another, and pretty soon, the performer somehow has 20 plates spinning from every angle and appendage. 


It’s impressive, but what if the performer drops the plate?


Even if it doesn’t shatter on impact, how could he possibly take the time to carefully pick it up when he has 19 more plates spinning, 19 more plates wearing on his focus and concentration?


The very same juggling act happens in your business — especially when your business operates seasonally, and you can have every weekend booked out for events for months on end.

You’re running, running, running, making sure every client has what they need, and every box is checked. The days leading up to an event can be incredibly stressful, and your perspective can quickly turn into tunnel vision as your focus on what has to happen.


But what happens if you drop a plate? And what if that plate is your ideal client — the type of client you hope catapults you into business with similar clients? Or what if it was an important detail you forgot? What if that plate is your taxes, and you forgot to set aside dues?


As soon as you turn your attention to salvage one plate, if you’re not extra careful, all of the remaining plates will come crashing down — one by one by one.


So how can you keep those plates spinning? How can you keep every single client satisfied and pull off every event without a single hiccup?


You pass off the plates to another trusted performer. There are two easy ways you can do this. I’ve personally found that BOTH of these work well in my businesses and have contributed astronomically to their growth.

You create:

  1. Automation and personalization of your business


  2. A specialized, efficient team


Once you get these elements of your business right, you never miss out on potential inquiries, you never forget a client’s special requests, you attract your ideal clients who pay your highest rates, and most importantly — you don’t burn yourself out. You’re not eating dinner over the sink as you cram as much work as you can into your waking hours.


If you need help implementing these steps in YOUR business, I can help. Why struggle through the ups and downs on your own while you can skip ahead to the good? I’ve been there, done that, and I’m ready to help you.

I’ve just opened a few spots for complimentary discovery calls. Let’s hop on one and discuss the ways we can bring calmness — and GROWTH — to your business.

Remember, you don’t have to spin all the plates on your own.

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