The Most Powerful Marketing Tool for Your Wedding & Event Business

As an expert in the wedding and event industry, I can attest to the fact that testimonials are a powerful marketing tool.


They serve as social proof, giving potential clients the confidence to book your services.

Think about it: If you’re a couple who is planning their BIG day, who wouldn’t want to book a wedding professional whose previous clients are quite literally shouting from the rooftops about their positive experience?

If you’re booking an event for your company & the stress is mounting…who wouldn’t want to be able to hand over that stress to an expert event planner who will take care of it all?

The thing is…many wedding and event planners owners struggle with how to get testimonials from their clients. And what’s worse, many disregard the importance of them and write them off altogether.

In this blog post, I’ll share my decades of experience on how to quickly & easily gather testimonials — and explain why they’re so important to the success of your business.

4 Steps: How to ask for a testimonial

  1. Ask at the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to asking for a testimonial. You want to ask for feedback when the experience is still fresh in your client’s mind. Ideally, you should ask for a testimonial immediately after the event or wedding while the emotions are still high. If you wait too long, your client may have forgotten the details of the event, and their testimonial won’t be as compelling.

  1. Make it Easy

The easier it is for your clients to leave a testimonial, the more likely they are to do it. Provide them with a simple and convenient way to share their feedback. You can create a form on your website, send them a link to a survey, or even provide them with a template they can fill out.

  1. Personalize the Request

Don’t send a generic request for a testimonial. Take the time to personalize your message and remind your client of their specific experience with your services. (If you’ve been here a while, you know how important personalization is.)

You can mention specific details about their event, such as the color scheme, venue, or other elements that made it unique.

  1. Follow Up

If you don’t hear back from your client after sending a testimonial request, don’t be afraid to follow up. A gentle reminder can prompt them to take action and submit their feedback. Remember to express your gratitude for their business and emphasize how important their testimonial is to you.

Now that you know how to gather testimonials, let’s discuss why they’re so important.

Importance of Testimonials for Your Business

  1. Build Trust

When potential clients are researching event planners or vendors, they’re likely to read reviews and testimonials. Positive feedback from past clients can build trust and reassure them that they’re making the right choice in choosing your services.

  1. Showcase Your Expertise

Testimonials can showcase your expertise and experience in the industry. When clients share their positive experiences with your services, they’re essentially endorsing your skills and abilities. This can be especially important for clients who are unfamiliar with your work.

  1. Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

In a competitive industry like wedding and events, testimonials can set you apart from your competitors. A glowing testimonial can be the deciding factor for a potential client who’s deciding between several vendors or planners.

  1. Improve Your Services

Testimonials can also serve as valuable feedback to help you improve your services. Pay attention to any constructive criticism and use it to make changes and improvements to your offerings.

By following the tips above, you can gather compelling feedback from your clients and use it to build trust, showcase your expertise, and differentiate yourself from competitors. Remember to always express your gratitude for their business and use their feedback to improve your services.

Need help setting up the right systems and processes to automatically gather testimonials and build your business’ reputation? I can help. Schedule a free Breakthrough Call and we’ll dive into it together.

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