Is Your Business Process Seamless? If Not, Here’s Why it Needs To Be

There’s the funkiest grab-and-go coffee station by my house whose layout makes no sense whatsoever.


Making your coffee at this place is like playing a game of scavenger hunt while also side shuffling—which is a tough thing to do before you’re caffeinated.


There’s one coffee pot in the center, but if you go over to the side (which you might not even see), there are two other pots to choose from. The sugar is to one side of the pot, so you shuffle over to get the sugar, but the milk is in a refrigerator down below and to the right of the coffee pot, so you have to do another shuffle to the right. The pull handle is difficult to open on the refrigerator, so you have to set your coffee down or lest you risk spilling it everywhere. The stir sticks are back by the sugar, so you have to shuffle back to the left, and the lids are near the refrigerator, so you better believe you’re shuffling back to the right now. This is the best-case scenario, i.e., when you have the coffee station to yourself. Throw in a few other people, and it’s enough chaos to make you question if getting coffee it’s worth it.


I know what you’re thinking.


Big deal Zohe. There are bigger problems in the world, aren’t there?


But IT IS a big deal—especially when it comes to your business. Here’s why.


My reasons for going to this funky coffee station are very simple: 


A) it’s the closest one to my house, and 

B) I’m out of coffee at home


So this coffee shop only gets my business based on proximity and my lack of groceries. 


If a better coffee shop opens nearby, would I go there? Sure, why not? 


If I hadn’t just got home from travel and had coffee and cream in the house, would I have had my coffee at home? You betcha.


And this is why it’s essential that your business process is seamless. 


There are options out there for a better or easier experience. Think about the competition within the wedding and creative event industry. You already know how stiff the competition is. You can’t afford to have an unclear or confusing or wonky business process because potential clients and couples are ripe with options—they can easily find someone else who has a more streamlined process.


Don’t believe me? Think about how often YOU’VE went out of your way for a better coffee shop or a better customer service experience or friendlier employees or any other minute detail that sets one business apart from the rest.


In order to create a seamless process within your own business, you need to:

  1. Be crystal clear on your ultimate goal in your business

  2. Take the right actionable steps toward your goal


This is where everyone gets stuck, though. They aren’t clear on these two things, and they’re floundering through the process, attracting the wrong clients and not reaching their goals.


Sound familiar?


If you’ve been following along for some time now, you already know that my background is in hospitality. The way a guest moves through a hotel, the way a couple moves through their wedding venue or the way an attendee moves through an event is EVERYTHING to me. 


I understand how the flow should be. 


And I understand how seamless any process should be—whether it’s a coffee station or within your own creative business. If you’re struggling with getting clear on your goal, let’s hop on a complimentary 45-breakthrough call. You’ll get a fresh pair of eyes on your business so you can start working toward your goals confidently and effectively.

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