6 Benefits of Instagram Reels for Your Business

One of the best things to happen to our industry is the rise of social media. Videos and photos are like visual stories, stories that evoke emotion, highlight the fantastic talent of our vendors and show the hard work behind our industry.

Today, I’m going to talk specifically about Instagram Reels, and more importantly, how you can use Reels in your business to widen your audience and book your perfect clients. If you’re not already using this Instagram feature, you’re leaving money on the table. Let’s dive into the 6 benefits of Instagram Reels.


Reels are…

1. The perfect educator

Let’s face it — in our industry, we do A LOT of educating when it comes to our clients. And rightfully so. Whether you’re in the wedding industry or put on large company events or anything in between, these clients are likely spending a lot of money, and they deserve to understand the process. A reel is an excellent way to take potential clients behind the scenes and show them a little insight into all of the hard work behind pulling off a successful event.


2. Fast and fun

Reels don’t have to be overly planned or overly complex. For example, if you’re a floral designer, you can set up your phone to capture the whole process of creating a bouquet or centerpiece. Later, speed it up (so it fits in the allotted time) and make any cuts if you need to. It’s the perfect example of “set it and forget it” yet still lets potential clients in on your creative process.


3. Like a mini commercial


Instead of spending tons of money on marketing your business, how about a little free marketing? Reels are like mini-commercials for your brand — ones you didn’t have to pay for or hire someone else to create.

4. Favored in the Instagram algorithm


It’s no secret that the Instagram algorithm favors videos over photos, so if you’re going to spend time creating content, why not create content that will be seen by more viewers?

5. More engaging than static photos

Trends (and attention spans) change. Videos tend to be more engaging than static photos, with in-feed videos getting the most plays. When you create a reel, you can also post it to your grid, where it not only lives on your profile but also gets distributed in your follower’s feed.

6. One of the easiest ways to reach newer audiences

In 2021, video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text. I’ll just let that sink in.


Are you using Instagram Reels in your business? If you’re not sure how to get started, or if you need help creating a broader social media strategy to attract your PERFECT clients, I can help. Let’s hop on a complimentary 45-minute phone call, and we can dive into your business goals together.

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