The One Mistake All New Business Owners Make with Their Digital Presence 

Do you ever wake up in the morning thinking about all of the things you need to do with your business that it creates such a feeling of overwhelm that you have no idea where to start?


Maybe you’re just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks.


Maybe you’re stuck because you’re not clear on what your next steps are.


Maybe you give up and watch Netflix, only to feel bad about it later.


From social media marketing to building your website to photography to outreach to finances and taxes—there is so much that we as Creative Event and Wedding professionals do on a daily basis… so it’s no wonder that it can feel overwhelming.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Today I want to talk about one element of being a business owner, and that’s your digital presence. If you can nail your digital presence, you can streamline your social media, attract the right clients and get precious time back to focus elsewhere.


Yet most creative event and wedding professionals aren’t doing this. At least, the beginners aren’t.


The #1 mistake creative event and wedding professionals make when it comes to creating their digital presence: trying to do it all themselves.


Hear me out.


Social media is an ENTIRE world in itself. It’s really a paired-down niche, just like other niches within our industry. Think of it like this: 


Imagine you’re a photographer. You’ve spent years and years honing your craft, acquiring the right equipment, continually approving on your skill. Then suddenly, your camera is taken away from you, and you’re suddenly thrown into being a wedding florist. How do you suspect you’ll do?


Sure, you might have a general idea of what certain flowers are, especially from photographing them in the past. But do you know every type? Do you know how to care for each varietal? Do you know which ones are in season when? Do you know which ones pair together for the best aesthetics?


Unless you’re a secret anthophile, you probably don’t. How could you expect to know everything about flowers suddenly—it’s a whole industry!—just like photography.


The same thing applies to social media. You can’t become an expert in social media overnight, no matter how late you stay up and how many cups of coffee you drink.


But when you don’t understand social media, you’re left throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. You don’t understand the numbers behind what you’re posting, you don’t understand what your engagement means, and worst of all, you’re attracting the wrong clients. You might be posting on Pinterest when your target audience is on Instagram, or you might be posting on Twitter when Facebook is where you really need to be. Either way, you’re leaving money and opportunity on the table.


Getting help on your digital presence is no different than seeking assistance from someone else who is an expert in photography or florals or food any other niche.


When you get an outside perspective on your social media, you can learn from a trained eye of what works well and WHY it is working. You’ll be able to streamline your process instead of wasting time wondering what to post or share. And most importantly, you’ll have your target audience DEFINED, so all your efforts are being put in front of your perfect clients who will be so thankful to have found you.


If these problems sound familiar to you, it’s time to stop trying to do it all yourself. I can help you clarify and then streamline your digital presence so you can get back to enjoying what you do best, whether that’s photography, floristry, or any of the other wonderful niches in our industry.


I’ve opened a few slots this week for a complimentary 45-minute breakthrough call with me, so if you’re serious about your business in 2021, let’s hop on a call and get you started on the right foot.

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