How to Go From Inquiry to Booking in 1 Week or Less

Have you ever been to a restaurant and paid $17 for a burger with a side of fries?


Maybe you were super hungry and couldn’t wait to sink your teeth into the meal.


It finally arrives at your table. But you realize you’re missing a few things: napkins, cutlery, ketchup. Your waiter has since walked off and is nowhere to be found.


Your stomach grumbles, and you watch that $17 burger and those piping hot fries get colder and colder as you wait.


It kind of ruins the experience a little, doesn’t it?


You’re probably wondering right now what this actually has to do with your business — your wedding or creative event business.


The answer: a lot, actually.


When the waiter left the food on the table and walked away, that’s what we call a reactive response. The order was put in, the meal was cooked, and once it was ready, it was brought to your table, and the waiter left.


A proactive response is a little different. Being proactive — whether in food service or any other industry — is about anticipating what a person needs before they need it.


Let’s imagine the scenario again. As the waiter drops off the meal, he might ask what else you need in order to enjoy your food. Better yet, he brings all of the things you need to enjoy it without even being asked.


Let’s now apply that to your wedding or creative event business now.


One of the BIGGEST issues my coaching clients bring to me is the inability to get a couple or company over the line after that first inquiry is sent.


Recently, I even teed up a referral for a coaching client. I told the company how great this client was and how she would be the perfect person for the job. When I chatted with her later, I found out that she wasn’t even past the inquiry stage!


Ideally, you want to book a client within the same week that they sent the inquiry


Sound crazy? It’s not, AT ALL. In fact, it’s how the most successful business owners are raking in 5-figure months every month.


Here’s the secret.


The difference between booking an inquiry within a week is whether or not you’re proactive in your business approach.

A lot can (and should) happen in one week.


When you take the necessary steps toward this proactive approach, it causes a massive transformation in your business. No more lost opportunities. No more ghosting clients. No more spinning your wheels.


Sounds pretty good, right?


And what’s even better is that I’ve already cracked the code for you. When you’re ready to instill these processes and systems within your business, let’s hop on a complimentary call, and I can help you get set up.

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