How to Lead Your Clients in the Remainder of 2020

This week, I was having a conversation about fear with a coaching client, and he was talking about what happens when his daughter gets afraid. She freezes and tightens up, making herself smaller and almost becoming paralyzed with fear.

This is the EXACT same reaction so many of us have to fear, regardless if we’re a small child or an adult. And a lot of us have been affected by fear this year. Because of the pandemic, because of career and lifestyle changes, because of the news, because of politics…all these things wrapped together have instilled a mountain of fear within us.

As the week went on, I had even more breakthrough calls, and the topic of fear comes up again and again and again.

So, how can we fix the symptom of fear and round out this year successfully?

The thing is…Fear isn’t the problem; fear is actually the symptom of not being in control.

When we’re afraid, we contract. We lose control over our day-to-day. We let the world tell us how to respond.

But when we lead, we expand. We’re not longer sitting in the corner, cowering in fear, hoping all of this goes away. We’re growing and learning and taking the reins for the things that we can control.

We can counter fear by stepping up, taking control and becoming leaders within our field. And by doing so, you’re going to start to naturally lead others, including your clients and other vendors.

Pre-pandemic, pre-2020, you were already leading others in the wedding and creative event professions. You’ve planned weddings successfully, you’ve stepped up for your couples when they needed guidance, you’ve made the impossible possible on so many occasions.

But this year has rocked many. Fear has settled in. And when fear happens, it’s a slippery slope downward.

When you’re afraid, you start to feel stuck and don’t make plans.

When you don’t have plans, you don’t have confidence.

When you don’t have confidence, that fear seeps into your business and persona.

The results? 

Clients and other vendors won’t trust your abilities. 

You’ll be forced to return deposits from 2020. 

You’ll spin your wheels trying to book in 2021 and 2022.

Your sales will plummet.

You’ll burn out.

The wedding and creative event professionals who have found success in this difficult and trying year have done so by LEADING their clients, taking charge of the situation and communicatively effectively.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms I talk about here, you NEED to kickstart your leadership ASAP so that you can make a change in the last quarter of 2020 and achieve your goals. To hop on a free, one-on-one breakthrough call with me so we can CONQUER your fears together, tap here.

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