From Buried to Blooming


The Overloaded Creative Entrepreneur’s Transformation Program

to overcoming the overwhelm of marketing your wedding and event business, even if you have no time or don’t know where to start

Here is the deal.

Over the course of the last few months, I have been listening to my clients (very talented wedding and event pros) lament to me that they have not been on social media, blogged or shared any of their great work with the world……booking less events with mediocre clients.

If you suffer from the peaks and valleys of the feast and famine nature of the wedding and special event business….

  • slaving over client requests and events during high season

  • working on marketing and business whenever there is (spare) time

  • leaving them little downtime to figure out their marketing and strategies before the next event or the next season starts….


  • you are NOT creating a consistent + strong + aligned digital brand alongside it

  • you are NOT setting yourself up for long-term (or short term) success.

It’s like making a cake without following the recipe, and if you forget to put the vanilla in or preheat the oven….NO ONE will eat your dessert.


most of the wedding and special event industry are creatives, who LOATHE sitting behind a phone, laptop or computer screen to work on any digital media on top of other business tasks….

Which is like making the most DELICIOUS cake that does NOT look edible, and no one wants to try it because it looks like crap and that means NO ONE will know just how good it is…..


Digital media is changing constantly so keeping up with algorithms and updates can be extremely time-consuming, the only resource we can leverage as business owners!


We want YOUR PERFECT CLIENTS to know….why you are so special, my dear….

….People NEED to know who you are, what you do and why YOU are the only one who can do it for them in order to “buy” into your talents, brand and YOU.

If you want to stand out online + sell more products or services, and HELP more people

  • You need to create a strong brand-aligned digital presence that can grow and pivot with you

  • You MUST create a proactive instead of a passive marketing strategy

  • You should have a system that works EFFORTLESSLY and CONSISTENTLY

………during those peaks and valleys….

….that’s the missing link…..

Essentially, running or building a wedding or event planning business and brand is no easy task, but it does not have to be this way….

….and that’s why I am so excited to announce the launch of our new transformation program created for wedding and event professionals who want to dial in their online marketing presence NOW!

This 8-week program will ensure that any creative wedding and event-entrepreneur talks to their PERFECT CLIENT while conquering and consistently maintaining the ever-changing digital marketing practices in today’s busy world.

All while:

  • running a business that looks polished

  • having greater online visibility

  • cultivating a consistent and current social media presence

so that you can set your business up for quicker growth and scalability.

Buried to Blooming 8 Week Program Includes:

✔️ Modules Unlocked Each Week with REPLAYS for Life

✔️ Weekly LIVE Q + A and Group Sessions Over the Course of Eight Weeks

✔️ “Action Takers” Workbooks

✔️ Private Facebook Group

✔️ Mindset Work

This Bootcamp delivers the most COMPREHENSIVE and most UP TO DATE marketing and digital information in the least time consuming and most digestible way.

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