How to WOW Potential Clients During Your Inquiry Calls

One of the trickiest elements of being an entrepreneur is the initial call with a potential couple or client. Most wedding and creative event business owners I work with truly DESPISE this element of their business.

And it’s not that they don’t like talking to people (quite the contrary!) — it’s that they have a hard time articulating their VALUE regarding the services they offer.

Let me tell you about a conversation I had just this week with Alicia, an incredibly skilled hair and makeup artist.  

The story first begins about a year ago in Italy, where I got to work firsthand with Alicia at an event. I was taking a group of wedding and event business owners to Italy to do a photo shoot and help manage the flow and publishing of the event. And let me tell you, after just a few minutes in her presence, I was awed by Alicia’s work.

Despite the exhaustion from a long and arduous flight, Alicia’s determination and passion shone through as she arrived at a town near Florence. Within minutes, she offered ideas and inspiration for the shoot; the models listened to her every instruction. The wheels of her imagination were turning right before my eyes, and I could see literal magic unfolding. 

Her eagerness to take action, direct elements of the shoot, and excel in her craft left a lasting impression on me. Alicia elevated the photo shoot to new heights, creating an awe-inspiring and beautiful experience for everyone involved. 

…Which is why I was very surprised when I talked to her recently that she isn’t quite where she wants to be in her business. 

So Alicia had a breakthrough call with me so we could dive deeper into this. We discussed the superpowers she possesses in her work — characteristics I IMMEDIATELY saw when working with her in Italy — and how to leverage those so she could make more money, attract her ideal clients, and feel inspired in her business.

We started creating these packages she could offer couples that spoke directly to her superpowers. Then we talked about how she presents this information to potential clients.

Through our coaching sessions, we worked on refining her client process, auditing her messaging, and enhancing the flow of her interactions with potential clients. This newfound clarity empowered Alicia to take inspired action and make the necessary changes to elevate her business.

Now, Alicia stands head and shoulders above competitors, armed with confidence and a clear path to her goals. She has harnessed her superpowers to not only attract her ideal clients but also create a seamless inquiry experience for them. Witnessing her growth has been a privilege as a wedding and creative event coach, and it serves as a reminder of the immense potential that lies within every entrepreneur.

The key takeaway from Alicia’s story is that, as entrepreneurs, we must learn to leverage and then articulate our value to wow potential clients. This includes honing in on your superpowers, knowing how to set up your packages that best highlight them, and communicating them clearly and effectively with potential clients and couples.

If you haven’t set up a breakthrough call with me yet, it’s the best 45 minutes you can spend on your business. During this call, we get complete clarity on what is working and what is not working with your business and, frankly, what it is that you really want from your business. From there, we can create a plan, just like I did for Alicia, to help you communicate your value on inquiry calls and the various processes.

So if you’re stuck spinning your wheels, not knowing what steps to take next, or feeling completely stuck in a business that isn’t growing or reaching your full potential, let’s fix this together now.  Simply click the button below to schedule your breakthrough call.

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