Why you SHOULD NOT include your pricing on your website

Do you post your pricing on your website?


I’m here to tell you that this is a huge NO-NO when it comes to building a successful business.


Yet most wedding and creative event professionals I know and work with post their packages and pricing on the websites. It’s the norm in our industry, after all. It might feel weird *not* to post them.


But what if I told you that this way of showcasing your services is costing you clients and revenue?


Here’s why:


  1. Posting your prices doesn’t set you apart. In fact, it creates this one-size-fits-all mentality for your potential clients. (But you’re not, are you? You know there are ideal clients you want to work with and others that you do not.)


  2. The customer experience becomes so transactional. There is no room for you to showcase your superpower and demonstrate the value that you bring to your clients. Canned responses have no place here.


  3. You attract the wrong clients who are only focused on the COST of your services and not the VALUE that you bring them. This is why you’re finding clients who try to haggle your prices, or you’re getting ghosted altogether.


To win clients, you’ve got to change your approach.


This includes three main shifts in how you do business.


Shift 1: You need to provide personalized solutions and services for your inquiries.


Shift 2: You need to be proactive (not reactive) and create an effective flow for inquiry intake.


Shift 3: You need to effectively demonstrate the value of your services in order to have the right clients invest in you.


These 3 principles are guaranteed to improve your conversion rate and uncover a six-figure wedding planning business.


If any of this sounds like you, and you’re serious about winning the right clients and uncovering five-figure months, I can help you create these critical shifts in your business. 


No matter what your biggest challenge is, I’ve seen it all and can help you navigate it. I’m currently offering complimentary breakthrough calls to help wedding and creative event business owners make the necessary changes they need. In fact, after this one call, you’ll learn the concepts that you can apply to your business TODAY. 


But hurry — my calendar won’t stay open for long, and you’ll want to grab your spot before I close it again. Simply tap the button below to schedule a time that works for you.

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