Creating the RIGHT online presence for your business

We’re halfway through the first month of 2022. January is a great foundational month for your business — it’s a month that, when done right, can set your year in motion for building the best year of business yet.

Speaking of foundations, I want to talk about how important it is to set a foundation in your business.

But first, let me ask you three important questions about your online presence (that includes your website and social media).

  1. Does your website address the needs of your ideal clients?

  2. Before inquiries send over a contact form or ask for a quote, do they have clarity of your value (versus wanting “just your price”)?

  3. Are you positive that your messaging includes a “build it and perfect clients will come” approach — not just for your website, but your entire online presence?

Not sure? Then keep reading.


Almost daily, my inbox is flooded with spam from companies wanting to “help boost my SEO rankings” or “show me how to properly post on social media to gain more engagement.”


And this makes me angry. Not because they somehow make their way past my spam filters. It makes me angry because it’s the wrong approach to building a business, yet so many creative professionals will fall for it. These tactics have nothing to do with building the business you love and attracting perfect clients.


Don’t get me wrong; every vendor needs an online presence that evokes a consistent message as well as eye-catching photos and content.


BUT, often, these get-engagement-quick, spammy emails are busy-ness approaches VS. business approaches…


That’s why I want to share with you ONE very, very important key element before you post anything on your website or social media, and it’s this:


If your web presence isn’t focusing on the problem you solve for your PERFECT clients, then you’re wasting very precious time and money attracting the WRONG clients.


The cost of this ONE mistake is jarring because you’re suddenly spending every waking hour on your business, chasing after the wrong clients, trying to work on your marketing, putting time into a business that isn’t looking like what you wanted.


The effort can feel absolutely futile.

And here’s the thing: the wedding and event industry is already overflowing with spectacular websites and stunning digital media.“Pretty” is NOT an effective marketing strategy.

I’ll say that again: Pretty is not an effective marketing strategy.


The “look” of your website is the LAST thing you need to focus on when it comes to your business. If you tell me that your website is pretty, I’ll say, “so what?” I say this not to sound harsh. I’m asking what is that your website is doing for you?


Even if your social media is appealing, is it doing what you want? Even if your website is beautiful and streamlined, is it attracting your perfect clients? 

If they’re not, there’s a deeper problem. A much deeper problem that needs to be solved immediately. THIS is where your foundation comes in….


My successful coaching clients all have one thing in common. They have set up a strong foundation in order to create an online presence that is strategically designed to sell for them. How did they do it?

I helped them answer these simple questions:

  • Who is your PERFECT client?

  • Why would they choose your services versus a competitor?

  • How are you messaging your value, so clients want to hire you ASAP?


THEN and only then is it possible to move forward with messaging to successfully engage the PERFECT clients who cannot wait to work with you.

The wedding + event business owners who offer clarity for their perfect clients are not only growing their audience, they attract PERFECT clients and generate additional five figures per month without having to book EVERY SINGLE inquiry that comes in, or work 60 hours or more per week to make ends meet.


Let’s go back to those three important questions I asked in the beginning of this post.  If you’ve answered NO to any of these, here’s how I can help:

Let’s take a closer look at your brand and goals and figure out what needs to change right now to get you to book an additional five figures per month while you attract PERFECT clients.

If you are ready to showcase your superpower and are tired of leaving money on the table, book a call and let’s take a deep dive into the foundation of your business. When you get the foundation right, every other element — including your online presence footprint — will fall perfectly into place.

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