How to Stop Chasing Clients, Without Spending Ton of Money into Failed Marketing

The thing that nobody tells creative event or wedding professionals who are just starting out is how much time is spent not getting paid.


Do you feel that?


Do you feel like you’re putting anything out there on social media and seeing what sticks? 


Do you feel like you’re chasing down inquires to no end? 


Do you feel like even if you’re getting in 30 inquires a month, it seems like only 1 or 2 will convert?


All of these things are wasting time. You’re working hard but not seeing the return. It’s enough to make anyone feel frustrated, defeated and fed up with the industry.


But hear me out. 


There’s a way to fix this. To stop chasing inquires that don’t come through and to start converting your ideal clients and make 5-figure months. The way to do that?


Proactive marketing.


When you’re just posting on social media to post with no real plan, that’s reactive marketing. You’re reacting to the pressure of needing to put something out there.


When you take on clients that aren’t the right fit…who don’t understand your worth and want to nickel and dime you the entire time…but you need them in order to pay the rent… that’s reactive marketing.


On the other hand, proactive marketing is what happens when you have a crystal clear plan on who you are, what your business stands for, the value you provide, and who you serve.


Knowing who you serve will help you determine how to market your services—from the language you use to the platforms you’re on.


For example, many wedding professionals join Wedding Wire with the promise of getting their business in front of thousands of couples. But there are also thousands of other vendors on the site. It’s a catch-all for the wedding world, and what’s that lead to in the end? Couples who are shopping for the cheapest vendors.


 In a race to the bottom, nobody wins. 


But what if you could put yourself in front of people who are your ideal clients? The ones who understand your value? Who are more than willing to pay your worth because they see your vision?


When you start to attract your ideal clients, no longer are you wasting time chasing down inquires that aren’t the right fit. No longer are you posting to what feels like a social media black hole. No longer are you working so hard with little to no return.


Sounds pretty great, right?


It’s simple in theory—not so simple to identify your perfect client. If you’re struggling in identifying your perfect client, so you know who to market to, let’s hop on a complimentary-minute call and dive into your business. There’s a matrix I use to help all of my coaching clients narrow down their perfect clients so they can stop wasting time and start finding couples who can’t wait to work with them.

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