The Simple Strategy to Prevent Ghosting Clients Once And For All

In the wedding and event planning world, it’s common for people to get “ghosted” by potential clients and couples — I hear this ALL the time from my coaching clients & it’s the same story every time. After reaching out and showing interest in working together, the client suddenly stops responding. This leaves wedding & creative event business owners feeling bummed out and frustrated.

But, here’s the thing. It’s not necessarily because clients aren’t interested in their services; it’s just a result of how busy the industry is.

During engagement and event seasons, wedding and event businesses get flooded with inquiries from all sorts of vendors. Social media and platforms like The Knot make it easier than ever for clients to find and reach out to vendors, which is awesome. But when businesses aren’t set up to manage all these inquiries, it can be tough to keep up. A lack of automation means businesses can struggle to respond to inquiries quickly, which can cause clients to lose interest and move on to another vendor.

To fix this, all you need is a simple strategy: automation with personalization.

Businesses can improve the way they talk to potential clients in their sales and marketing. This means understanding your brand and communicating with clients in a way that really speaks to them.

It’s not just about having a pretty website or a cool logo — it’s about addressing clients’ specific needs and talking to them in a way that makes them feel heard and understood.

If you take the time today to improve your messaging & and the language you use in your emails and intake forms, you can see a major improvement in your response rates and overall success.

Take it from my recent client in my coaching program, Holly. We started working together and went through her funnel and adjusted the language to better suit her personality, services and value proposition. We took a deep dive into her strengths, identified her ideal clients, zoned in on problems her clients were having, and more.

Afterward, she saw a big increase in response rates from potential clients. By understanding what her clients needed and talking to them in a way that resonated with them, she was able to book more clients and grow her business.

And that’s just one example. Read more here.

The bottom line is this: it’s not just about providing great services; it’s also about communicating effectively with potential clients. By improving the way they talk to clients, businesses can avoid getting ghosted and book more events.

If you are ready to have more impact in your workflow, to attract those great inquiries, to not only get those inquiries to stop ghosting you but really to engage with you and book you — then let’s get on a call. It’s a complimentary 45-minute breakthrough call, and it’ll be the best 45 minutes to ever spend on your business. Let’s stop the ghosting and start the conversions.

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