How to Deal with Inquiries Effectively During Engagement Season

As a wedding business owner, you know engagement season is upon us. In the US, nearly 40% of engagements happen in the two-and-a-half months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day — so we’re right in that sweet spot.

Now, you may feel like taking the pedal off the gas when it comes to your business. Summer is busy season, after all, and a break sounds nice. I’m here to tell you that this slower part of the year is the BEST time of year to look inward on your business.

Right now, we’re seeing more weddings booked than we’ve seen in decades. Couples are booking well into 2023, 2024, and 2025!

That’s precisely why I want to talk about the importance of your inquiries. Or rather, how you handle them.

Do you handle yours the traditional way? Meaning…a form on your website? A form that leads to BACK and FORTH and BACK and FORTH with potential clients — before you even get on a phone call with them?

This takes a LONG time and isn’t a good use of your time. It also doesn’t set you apart. It doesn’t attract your *perfect* clients. And…you probably even have the exact same script as everyone else — and where’s the personality in that?

Certain things start to happen when you have this common, run-of-the-mill process. In the past, you might have been ghosted. Felt like you’ve had to negotiate your prices. Or ended up working with clients who are not a good fit, and THAT IS PAINFUL.

I PROMISE you, there is a better way than this. That’s why I’m writing this blog post today.

With my coaching program, I show my clients how to implement automation with personalization in order to streamline their inquiry process.

It’s one of the BEST and EASIEST things you can do for your business this time of year. Getting your inquiries on the right track right now will set you up for success next year and beyond.

In fact, most of my coaching clients go from inquiry to booking clients within 72 hours. 72 HOURS!

Together, we set up your process, and it looks a little bit like this:

Integrating automation with personalization 

Incorporating a powerful six-figure structure and script 

Creating a system that’s less salesy and more about attracting perfect clients — you know, the ones you CAN’T WAIT to work with in the new year.

This makes a huge difference in your business.

For starters, you take back control of your business. 

When you implement these steps, you become less reactive as a business owner and more PROACTIVE. You’re taking your business into YOUR hands, and no longer will you feel like just an order taker. You are in the driver’s seat.

PLUS, the steps we create also give you the chance to stand out because your unique viewpoint is different from everyone else’s.

When you’re ready to create your most effective and impactful inquiry process that increases your value, saves you time, and brings in perfect clients quickly, I’m ready to help. 

As the year rounds out, I will be closing my time spots for the holidays. I’ve opened up a few spots this week for tackling this specific problem. 

Let’s get on a complimentary breakthrough call and dive into your business together so you can attract the perfect clients — each and every time — and set your new year up for total success.

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