Three Reasons You Need Workflows in Your Business

Whether you’ve done 3 or 300 events in your wedding or creative event business, I’m willing to bet that you have certain processes you repeat every time. (If you don’t — you DEFINITELY need to keep reading.)

If you’re a wedding photographer, you might have couples’ intake forms. With just a few questions, you can get expectations: from the desired mood and theme of a session to a couple’s budget to their dream location and more.

A floral artist? It’s important to know what color palette your couple is looking for, their price range, their vision, the seasonality of the flowers, and more.

If you’re a baker, you’ll need to know how many guests your cake is serving, the desired look and flavor combinations, the color palette, and more.

These are just a few examples of TONS of repeatable things you might check off in your business every day. That’s not including other communications and correspondences, proposal-making, invoicing, and the hundreds of other tasks necessary to keep your business running like clockwork.

The thing is, when your business grows and gets busier and busier, the cracks will start to show IF you don’t have viable workflows in place to help you.

A viable workflow leverages technology WITH automation and personalization. What do I mean exactly?

When you set up a workflow, you take hundreds of manual hours off your shoulders. You’re letting technology do the work for you, but you’re making it happen in a way that still feels personal to your potential clients.

Better Customer Service

Without clients or couples, you have no business. That’s why you need to make sure your customer service is always top-notch because the truth of the matter is, they have options. They CAN, at any time, go elsewhere. 

When your workflows engage seamlessly (read: automatic yet personalized intake forms, easy-to-pay invoices, and more), clients feel taken care of and more likely to recommend your services to others.

More Consistency in Your Business

When my coaching clients come to me wanting to attract high-end, luxury clients, I always refer to my Lemon Seed Story — I’ve saved it for you here. To keep it brief, one of the best things any luxury business can do to attract luxury clients is to keep their level of service consistently high across the board. You do this by having efficient systems and workflows in place.

Better Communication

Think about how many different vendors and services a couple is in contact with when planning their wedding. Or consider how many vendors need to be kept abreast for a major event like a conference. This creates overwhelm for the clients — and this is how you rise above the competition time and time again.

By providing clear and consistent communication with your clients, you are managing to always keep them in the know. When clients are kept in the know, they feel taken care of by you and confident in your services. The best news? You don’t need to take any additional time out of your day to make sure they feel this way — all you need to do is set up the correct workflows.

Although most wedding and creative event business owners understand the importance of workflows, it can be challenging to set them up effectively. That’s because you’re constantly taking care of other things in your business: ramping up your marketing, posting on social media, updating your blog, sorting out your taxes…the list goes on and on.

If you’re a business owner, however, setting up and optimizing your workflows will help set you apart from your competition. I’ve been helping business owners for YEARS set up their businesses to be effective, scalable, and profitable with the right workflows. If you need help, simply schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Call this week, and we can talk through the sticky parts of your workflow — or create one together. Here’s the link to schedule.

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