Why Hiding Behind Your Website Can Be Costing You Five Figures Per Month

This particular story I am about to share is appraised at a minimum of $24,000 per month in revenue lost…..

Constantly, I hear fellow event entrepreneurs lamenting that they have to work on their website, or they won’t advertise b/c their website is not up to their standards or how they are frustrated they have not blogged…….in ages……and hate doing it.

This past week I talked to a fellow creative wedding + event pros, previous client, and “friendor” about their new venture (and added service for their business) of chivari chair rentals.

They have been EXTREMELY diligent since their purchase by refurbishing the (600) chairs they purchased, identifying price-point for rentals, researching replacements, what sells, costs of replacement cushions, covers, etc.

I’m super PUMPED for them. It is such a great idea and much needed in our area, AND their integrity fits the bill for such a specialized service.

When I bumped into them on Tuesday and asked about the progress of their sales/rentals since their purchase of the chairs last November, they responded…..

“Only one, I’m still waiting to get the website up.”

WHAT THE FARTBALLS?!?!? I wanted to scream, actually, I think I did….

I gave them my #FiredUpFelici schpeal and called it tight!

By doing quick math I totaled:
600 chairs x $10 / chair x rental 1 x per week = $6,000/wk.
4 x per month = $24,000 monthly MINIMUM they could have made since Jan 1st. WITHOUT A WEBSITE!!!

There are plenty of ways to market yourself without a website.

I pointed out a lost opportunity for them AND

THE NEXT DAY I saw them again at a networking lunch and connected them with FOUR potential clients, two of which are going to contract for chairs.

I challenged them to invest $150 into today, Sunday, to market and rent the HECK out of those chairs….. and make MONEY.

The next day, I get a text from them:

“okay, we’ll see you Sunday!”

……..so WE’RE DOING IT!

I’ll be seeing them later today, and will be giving the lowdown on my private Free Facebook group Six-Figure Wedding + Event Entrepreneurs!

This mindset of needing the PERFECT website PARALYZES you….and is costing you money! The money you could be using to pay your upcoming taxes, or bills, or a vacation in Italy!!

…..but it does not have to be this way…….

P.S. This is one example of how I am obsessed with uncovering up to five figures per month for my clients…….

……..and if you’re interested in finding out more, and seeing if I can help, set up a time to talk to me!

I’ve opened up just a handful of 45-minute breakthrough calls in the next few days, and they will fill up fast because there is only one of me…….

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