Do you suffer from Wedding and Creative Event Identity Disorder?!


Yes, it’s a thing!


I spoke to one of my clients the other day and they were desperate to ‘tap into the wedding market’ to get more business because the catering business she recently started was doing better than her brick and mortar cafe.


Desperate and needing cash flow FAST this was going to be their big attempt to ‘FIX IT ALL’.


“You mean to start a new business?” I asked, “with new marketing expenses, new business plans, new targets and needing more of your time and financial resources that you currently have?”


I took a look at their website and social media, and I found the REAL problem.


The real problem is that their website was throwing so much information at the reader, it was not clear what they specialized in, and what value they provide to their clients.


I call that event-schizophrenia – Your audience doesn’t really know what your specialty is, or why they should hire you.


The corporate client does not want to hire a ‘wedding planner’ and the couples don’t want to work with a ‘corporate planner’


What’s worse is the ENERGY it takes to function this way:


You spin your wheels trying to appease all audiences: corporate events, weddings, social events.


You spend a tireless amount of time showcasing ALL your services on your website, social media and paid websites, and you are throwing a lot of money toward ineffective marketing.


If you lack clarity of what exactly is your niche, you cannot target your TRUE clients.


The truth is that just by being crystal clear on what products and services you provide, you will make more money, be more focused and work with your ideal clients.


OK, I get it, the likelihood is that you’re simply unsure how to find your niche.


BUT the solution is quite simple AND powerful. The matrix I use with my clients is 100% effective to find out who is your ideal client. The best part, it only takes about an hour (or less) to complete and get you on the road to streamline your marketing.


For those of you who are ready to get some clarity on your niche, I have opened up a couple of spots in my schedule for a breakthrough call and to talk to you about this challenge.


Want to find out if my system can help you? Set up a call by clicking the button below.

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