4 Important Elements of Your Brand’s Message

Today I want to talk about one of the most important elements of your wedding or creative event business. Without clarity on this, everything you do within your business will be incredibly difficult.


I’m talking about your brand’s message.


Your brand’s message is not a slogan or a tagline. And it’s not necessarily something found in an ad either. It’s more about the essence or backbone of your business and what you offer your clients (i.e., your value proposition).


Consistent messaging is the foundation for ALL successful communication in your business. If you can’t describe what you do to your target audience, you’re going to have a heckuva hard time getting them to buy into your product or service.


So the way to capture your perfect clients? Crystal clear, effective messaging.


Clear messaging ensures that you are speaking across your business both internally and externally with consistent, accurate messages that can be backed up with factual data.


One thing a lot of creative wedding + event business owners struggle with is describing what they do and the value they bring their customers and clients. They also fail to distinguish themselves from the competition.


The truth is… it’s very difficult for most businesses to describe themselves in succinct, simple terms. It’s no easy task. The solution is to be congruent with your goal, know your target audience and have clarity on your desired outcome.


By connecting to your goal, it becomes second nature to use words — very carefully chosen words — to tell your story and bring it to life. Once you align with your purpose, validating it and sharing it with the right people becomes easy, and BOOM — before you know it, you’re attracting your perfect clients.


This clear messaging is what gives inquiries the certainty and clarity that you are the right person for their specific wedding and event needs, and has them booking you, excited to work with you, and appreciating the value you will bring them.

When you start brainstorming and crafting your brand messaging, keep these 4 important elements in mind:

Your brand message should:


  1. Be relevant to your specific audience, i.e., the exact type of clients that you want to work with

  2. Not overpromise with your delivery

  3. Align the tonality with the personality of your brand

  4. Be incorporated across all of your platforms and touchpoints


If you’re having difficulty identifying who your perfect client is, what you have to offer, or what your brand’s message should be, I can help. Hop on a complimentary 45-min call with me this week and we can dive into the inner workings of your business so you can get crystal clear on your message.

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