Are You Afraid of Selling Your Services?

Hey there, fellow wedding and creative event business owners! I’m thrilled to dive into a crucial topic that’s been buzzing in our community lately — the fear of selling. In recent conversations with peers, it’s become apparent that many of us grapple with the challenge of pricing our services confidently. So, let’s address the elephant in the room: Are you scared of selling? If you’ve ever second-guessed your pricing, felt uncomfortable during negotiations, or just cringed at the thought of selling, this one’s for you.

Understanding the Challenge

Living in Southern California, I’ve witnessed the rising costs of everything from products to labor. Yet, an enduring stigma lingers in our industry, making us hesitate to charge what our services are truly worth. If you’ve ever slashed prices on a proposal, struggled to set your rates, or felt uneasy about the entire selling process, you’re not alone. In this blog post, I’ll dissect this fear that we all have from time to time and provide insights that will help you communicate your value authentically.

Three Tips to Transform Your Selling Approach

1. Appraise Your Worth

Before you put your packages out there or send proposals, take a step back and appraise your worth. This foundational step instills confidence and clarity in understanding why you should charge what you do. It’s about identifying what sets you apart, not by comparing with competitors, but by looking inward. Recognize your unique strengths, experiences, and what makes your services stand out. Appraising your worth clarifies your value and helps you attract clients who align with your offerings.

2. Message Your Value Consistently

Once you’ve appraised your worth, the next crucial step is to consistently communicate your value. Whether online, in inquiries, emails, or at networking events, your messaging should clearly articulate why your services are worth the investment. If your day of coordination costs $2,500, you need to be crystal clear on why it’s worth that price so you can clearly articulate the value that you bring to your clients. Avoid the pitfall of pricing based on others and instead focus on conveying the unique value you bring. Share stories, anecdotes, and examples that highlight your expertise, creating a narrative that resonates with potential clients.

I have a recent example of the value of this in my own business: I needed a new website. I had the option of two web designers, one of whom I’ve worked with previously, and they’ve always done a nice job. Another web designer pitched me for the same job, and this designer was nearly twice as expensive. Yet the web designer that quoted higher did something different. You see, I needed this done quickly, and I was so overwhelmed by the potential process. This designer had her systems and processes in place, mapped everything out for me ahead of the project, and completed it all within one week with little need for any direction from me. She also checks in with me periodically to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. This peace of mind created so much VALUE in the experience that I was more than happy to pay nearly double to get the job complete.

(This example also illustrates how focusing on value and outcomes can turn clients into raving fans, regardless of price — because here I am again, talking about this designer and recommending her to others!)

3. Pre-Sell and Convert

The final piece of the puzzle is to pre-sell and convert. Don’t wait until the day of the inquiry or proposal to initiate the sales conversation. Start early by building digital visibility and showcasing how you differ from others. By the time clients reach out, they should already perceive you as the perfect fit. This strategic pre-selling approach not only increases conversion rates but also weeds out casual inquiries, ensuring you attract clients genuinely interested in what you offer.

Next steps

So, if you’re tired of the yo-yo cycle of uncertain client acquisition, ghosting, or feeling insecure about your pricing, it’s time to crack the code together. By appraising your worth, consistently messaging your value, and implementing pre-selling strategies, you’ll not only feel more confident charging for the value of your services but you’ll also turn those inquiries into enthusiastic, long-term clients.

Ready to take the plunge? Schedule a 45-minute strategy session with me, and let’s unravel the potential of your wedding or creative event business together.

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