Two Reasons You’re Not Attracting Your Perfect Clients

A problem that comes up ALL THE TIME in my coaching sessions with my creative and wedding event professionals, is that they aren’t attracting their perfect clients. That leaves them with dealing with ‘crazy client’ syndrome or demanding ‘bridezillas.’

Here are two reasons you’re not attracting your perfect clients, and how to fix that.

Reason #1 You’re Not Attracting Your Perfect Clients: You don’t have a goal


When you don’t have a clear goal for your business, the type of events you want to do, and the type of clients you want to attract, you will be left spinning your wheels.


Without a clear goal:


  • You’re not going to be focused on the right things

  • You’re going to be doing all this busywork (blogging, networking, marketing), but you aren’t going to get any closer to your goals

  • You’re going to get hired by the wrong clients

  • You’re going to get underpaid for the incredible value you bring


When this happens, you’re going to lose confidence in your value. You’re going to get what you tolerate, which is not what you want. 


It’s time to put a stop it. I can show you how. But first…


Reason #2 You’re Not Attracting Your Perfect Clients: You’re not authentic with your voice.


When you meet a potential client, if you’re not able to clearly tell them these three things, then you’re going to attract the wrong clients time and time again:


  • this is WHAT I do

  • this is WHY you should you hire me, and

  • this is WHO should hire me


These three things apply to both your digital platform and your in-person conversations. And I’m willing to bet that if you’re not communicating this messaging clearly on your digital platforms, you’re likely not doing it in person either. 


And when you aren’t clear on these three things, you just take any inquiry you get, not your ideal clients. Sound familiar?


Here’s the fix:


To attract your ideal clients and articulate your message clearly, you need to understand these two things:


  1. The unique superpower you possess 

  2. The value you bring to the event 


And it’s my job to help you uncover these two vital elements so you can lead with your unique value proposition and start charging your worth to ideal clients who are more than happy to pay. Click here to hop on a free breakthrough call with me.

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