Mastering Your Business Destiny: The Key Moment to Take Charge

This month has been filled with insightful conversations and connections with fellow wedding event business owners. Engaging in these discussions, I’ve come to realize the importance of staying attuned to industry dynamics and using that knowledge to navigate the future of our businesses. The inspiration for today’s topic, “The Key Moment,” struck me last night during these conversations. It’s about addressing the internal struggle many entrepreneurs face—the mind battle to control their destiny and shape the success of their businesses.

The Key Moment

We often find ourselves waiting for that perfect moment to take action in our creative event and wedding businesses. However, the conversations I had revealed a common theme: the choice between starting tomorrow or starting now. So many of my fellow wedding business owners had great ideas and insights regarding their businesses, but one little hitch — they’ll start making changes tomorrow.

The uncertainties in the industry, such as shifts in advertising trends, fallout effects from the pandemic, and burnout among wedding planners, led me to ponder a crucial question: Are you going to wait for the perfect moment, or are you going to create it?

Mind Battles and Excuses

The mind is a powerful force, and it can either propel us forward or hold us back in our businesses. Last night’s discussions highlighted common excuses that hinder progress, from feelings of inadequacy and fear of technology to time constraints and past failures. These excuses often lead to a cycle of inaction, preventing creative event and wedding business owners from reaching their goals.

Flipping the Script

To overcome these mental hurdles, it’s essential to flip the script on disempowering thoughts. Instead of talking yourself out of success, start talking yourself into it. 

I was reminded of a personal experience when, faced with the challenge of disliking burpees at the gym, I decided to transform my mindset. Instead of dreading them, I hyped myself up, turning them into a fun and enjoyable exercise. (Okay, okay, I might have also added some curse words in there for fun ;)) And you know what, they DID become fun.

This shift in mindset is the key moment that opens the door to taking control of your destiny — whether during small moments at the gym or big actionable steps relating to your business.

Three Tips to Overcome Mind Battles

If about now you’re thinking, “Okay Zohe, this is me”…then I have some tips that will help change your mindset. 

Crystal Clear Goals:

  • Define your goals with utmost clarity. Visualize and emotionalize what success looks and feels like. Stack your purpose onto these goals to create a compelling vision of the future. Once this is clear, it becomes easier to summon the mental strength when you need it, because you know exactly what you’re working towards.

Summon Your Superhero:

  • Acknowledge that the journey won’t be easy, but summon your courage and superhero mindset. Create a brag book, reminding yourself of past victories and strengths that will propel you forward. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this makes when you’re having a hard day or week in your business.

Take-Inspired Action:

  • The key to progress is taking inspired action. Once your mindset is aligned, take meaningful steps toward your goals. Results will follow when you consistently act with purpose.

Quick Hacks for Success:

Now, onto some practical, everyday steps you can take to put this strong mindset into action.


  • Surround yourself with accountability measures, whether through mentors, coaches, or supportive partners. Embrace fitness challenges and check-ins to stay on track.

Positive Self-Talk:

  • Business-related or not, I think it’s safe to say we could all benefit from a little more positive self-talk. Start to proactively embed positive self-talk into your daily routine. Shift your inner dialogue to one that supports your goals rather than detracts from them. If at any time you’re catching yourself slipping back into negative self-talk, pause, acknowledge what you’re doing, and recenter your mindset towards a more positive one.

Complimentary Breakthrough Call:

Remember, what you say now shapes your certainty and influences your future. Your inner dialogue is your best coach, determining whether you move toward your goals or away from them. It all starts with a mindset shift, and the key moment is now. Take control of your destiny, turn excuses into opportunities, and watch your business transform into the success you envision.

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