Increase your Value, Increase the Level of Clients You Attract

Have you ever wished you could peek behind the curtain to see what makes luxury resorts tick? 

Because if you could, you could see how to apply these same successful tactics to your business. 

You could attract higher-paying clients. You could scale your business quickly. You could stop working weekend after weekend after weekend.

Here’s where I can help.

For many years, this was my world. Before starting my wedding business, I was part of opening teams for luxury resorts around the world.

I was able to get an inside peek into what makes these businesses successful. This was my day-to-day experience, and I quickly learned the secret of success for the most affluent businesses.

These businesses all had one thing in common: standard operating procedures.

I know what you’re thinking already — Zohe, that sounds SO boring. What does this even mean?

Creating a successful business that attracts high-end luxury clients comes down to one thing: integrating repeatable systems and processes into your business. 

Let me explain,

Take, for example, a luxury resort that has locations all around the world. These resorts had the exact same operating systems in place.

It means that no matter where a new luxury resort was opening, the business would offer the same level of luxury and customer experience guaranteed at their other locations. It was like copy and paste, and every copy and paste meant millions of dollars in revenue.

This is how luxury businesses scale. And why does it work? It’s simple: consistency.

Consistency is key. When you’re consistent with your business, you win in 3 big ways:

  1. You can command higher prices.
  2. You acquire repeat customers.
  3. You create a strong value proposition.

This consistency comes from having standard operating procedures in place in your business.

You might be wondering — Zohe, I’m a creative event business owner; how does this apply to me?

I’m glad you asked.

As a creative event business owner or wedding professional, you can apply these exact same principles to your business. If you’ve ever been stuck in your own business — wearing too many hats, running in circles, unable to scale — then you could benefit from this. The problem is, there are three main reasons why entrepreneurs are not scaling their business. They…

think they’re the expert and no one can do the job like them.

…think there’s not enough time.

… don’t know where to start.

This thinking is costing THOUSANDS of dollars per month in business.

The truth is, it takes courage to scale your business. It takes courage to put the right systems and processes in place. It takes courage to grow into your true potential.

Here’s the good news. While it takes a bit of hard work to understand the processes, there are three steps you can take right now to build consistency within your business. Once you put the right systems in place, you can scale it to earn more revenue and build more success — just like luxury businesses do. 

I can help create these systems and processes with you that are specific to your business. When you’re ready to grow and scale your business, schedule a time where we can dive into it together.

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