To Price or Not to Price? Why Listing Your Pricing on Your Event and Wedding Business Website Can Be a Mistake

As a business coach for creative event and wedding business owners, one of the most controversial topics that I often encounter is whether or not to list pricing on your website and in your email communications. This topic is frequently debated, and there are strong arguments on both sides. However, from my experience and the experiences of my clients, I can tell you that listing your prices right off the bat, especially for premium services, can often lead to more harm than good. Let’s dive into why this is the case and what you can do instead to ensure you attract and book your ideal clients.

The Cons of Posting Prices

When you display your prices on your website or lead with pricing in your emails, you risk turning potential clients away before they even get a chance to understand the true value of your services. Here’s why:

  1. Immediate Disqualification: When potential clients see a price they consider too high, they may immediately disqualify you without further consideration. This knee-jerk reaction can prevent them from understanding the unique value you bring to the table.
  2. Misplaced Focus: Clients focusing solely on price are often not your ideal clients. They may undervalue your services, thinking that because your job involves planning fun and enjoyable events, it shouldn’t cost much. This mindset overlooks the immense effort, creativity, and expertise required to execute a flawless event or wedding. (This is why I urge against sites like The Knot — it’s often a race to the bottom when it comes to pricing.)
  3. Loss of Control: By listing prices upfront, you lose the opportunity to control the conversation. The initial discussion should focus on the client’s needs, dreams, and the unique solutions you provide. Price should come into play only AFTER you’ve demonstrated your value.

How to Shift the Conversation

To avoid the pitfalls of leading with pricing, it’s crucial to change the conversation. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Emphasize Value: Educate your clients on what goes into planning and executing a successful event or wedding. Explain how your expertise, experience, and dedication ensure their event is memorable and stress-free.
  2. Tell Your Story: Share why you are passionate about your work and highlight your unique strengths. This narrative helps potential clients see you as the perfect fit for their needs, rather than just another vendor with a price tag.
  3. Client-Centered Discussions: Focus on understanding the client’s vision and expectations. Show them how your services can bring their vision to life. When clients see how invested you are in their success, they are more likely to appreciate the value you offer.

Let me share a recent example that illustrates the power of focusing on value rather than price. I was approached by a client who wanted to book my services for a significant event happening on a particularly busy weekend. During our conversation, he asked if I could offer a discount or consider a sponsorship in exchange for advertising my business at the event.

I knew that this weekend would be challenging due to local events and vendor shortages. Instead of negotiating on price, I explained why my services were worth the premium rate. I detailed the potential challenges and how my experience and expertise would ensure his event’s success despite these hurdles. I communicated my commitment to delivering an exceptional experience and the value I brought to the table.

The result? He signed the contract on the spot, without any discount. This client is now one of my biggest advocates, referring my services to others and providing repeat business.

The Secret to Booking Premium Clients

The key to booking clients at your premium price point lies in demonstrating your unique value and shifting the focus from cost to benefits. Here’s how you can do this systematically:

  1. Clarify Your Value: Be clear about why you are the right person for the job. Highlight your unique skills, experience, and the specific benefits your clients receive when they work with you.
  2. Create a Structured Strategy: Develop a systematic approach to how you communicate your value. This includes everything from your initial inquiry responses to your proposal presentations. Every interaction should reinforce why you are worth the investment.
  3. Ongoing Engagement: Building trust and demonstrating value is not a one-time effort. It’s an ongoing process that should be embedded in all your communications and interactions with potential clients.

Take Action Today

If you’re tired of getting ghosted, undervalued, and booking clients who don’t appreciate your worth, it’s time for a change. Let’s work together to transform your business. Book a breakthrough call with me, and let’s get under the hood of your business. We’ll identify what’s holding you back, clarify your goals, and create a structured plan to achieve them.

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