Most Business Owners Can’t Answer *THIS ONE* Important Question in their Business


Today I have one simple question for you — who do you serve?


Can you answer this question at the drop of a hat?


If you only have 10 seconds to get your answer across in crystal clear terms without floundering, can you do it?


If you only had one shot to impress or convince a potential client, could you do it?




Are you the type of business owner who struggles to put into words who your target audience is?


Maybe you don’t even know who your target audience is?


The truth is, most business owners can’t answer this one question. And it’s a big problem.


The thing is, you need to know who you serve in order to attract the right clients. It’s kind of like the saying goes, “If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything.” If you don’t know who your ideal client is, then everyone is your client. And that’s not a good thing, trust me.


When you don’t know who you serve, then you’re going to work with the wrong sort of clients again and again. Those sort of clients who don’t see your worth — and are going to haggle to get your prices even lower. In short, nightmare clients.


So how do you fix this?


You have to niche down in order to stand out. You need to be crystal clear about who you are and who you serve. If you’re not crystal clear, you don’t know who you serve, what your message is, and THAT uncertainty becomes your belief and experience. And it snowballs from there:


  • You struggle with what to call yourself.

  • You don’t know how to hone your messaging.

  • You have a website that attracts the entirely wrong clients.

  • You take something, ANYTHING, in order to pay the bills — even though it’s not what you want to be doing now, or three, five, ten years from now.


In short, it’s a constant, exhausting tug of war.


But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel — and a very bright one at that. Once you get clarity and understanding of who you are and who you serve, that’s when the magic happens.


✔️You start tapping into your full potential.

✔️ You see both financial and personal growth.

✔️ You attract more clients to your business.

✔️ You *actually like* the clients you get to work with every day.


Sounds ideal, right? 


This is because when you speak to many, you speak to none. When you narrow the field, you come into focus — and THAT’S where you want to be.


If you’re struggling with putting these pieces together, I can help. I can work with you to bring clarity into your business so you go from murky waters to crystal clear insight. I’ve opened up a few spots this week and next for a complimentary 45-minute breakthrough call so we can dive into who you serve — hurry and grab one before they disappear!

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