3 Reasons You’re Attracting the Wrong Wedding Couples

Right now, creative event and wedding professionals are experiencing a monsoon of events.

In fact, most of my coaching clients will tell me that they can barely keep up with all the requests hitting their inbox. And no matter how busy they are, they’re still saying YES to everything.

But my question today for you is…

Do you think that always saying YES to everything is the right way to go? 

Do you think it’s the right way to build your business?

Answer: Not necessarily. Here’s why.

When you say YES to everything, chances are, you’re going to end up working with some less-than-ideal couples. 

Maybe you’ve already found yourself in that position this year. 

Maybe you’re wondering what you can fix (ASAP) in order to avoid these types of clients.

As it turns out, there are 3 very specific reasons that you’re attracting the wrong clients.

Fix these three things, and you’ll understand who you’re targeting. Fix these three things, and you’ll never end up with those less-than-ideal clients again.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it, shall we?

#1 You’re operating out of fear

To put it bluntly — the last 18 months have been wild in the wedding world. Even in a good year, our industry can feel like a feast or famine. But 2020 was something else altogether.

The couples who were supposed to wed in 2020 are now trying to fit into the 2021 and 2022 landscape of your wedding business. 

That means wedding professionals are getting absolutely flooded with requests. After a year of shutdowns and lost revenue, you might think it unwise to say no to any request. So what do you do? 

You say yes to everyone and end up with very few — if any — of your ideal clients.

#2 You haven’t defined your value proposition

How many conversations have you had with prospective couples that start the conversation by telling YOU what you’re going to do for them?

For example: “I only need you to set up the chairs on the day of the wedding.”

Let’s say you’re a wedding coordinator, and let’s talk about the various tasks you complete leading up to the wedding and on the day of the wedding. 

These tasks aren’t your value proposition. 

Your value proposition is taking the stress off of the couple in a million different ways — a million different ways that your couples probably don’t even understand yet at this stage of the wedding planning.

It’s your job to help your potential clients see what value you bring to the table, and the right clients will get it and happily pay for it.

#3 You haven’t defined YOUR ideal clients.

What message are you giving to potential clients? On your website? Social media? Email marketing?

Is your message clear? Is it directed to the *right* type of couple for you? Can you close your eyes and picture your ideal couple? 

If you can’t easily identify WHO your ideal client is, there’s no way your messaging will ATTRACT the right ones. 

If you’re having difficulty identifying who your perfect client is, what you have to offer, or what your brand’s message should be, I can help. Hop on a complimentary 45-min call with me this week, and we can dive into the inner workings of your business so you can get crystal clear on your message.

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