No networking? No problem. The Important Marketing Tool You Have Access to 24/7

Raise your hand if you previously found your clients from in-person networking events, and now you’re struggling because of the pandemic…


Also, raise your hand if you actually hated in-person networking events and never attended those sorts of things in the first place…


The issue with in-person networking is that many wedding and creative event professionals think that it’s the only type of marketing tool available to you. The end all be all of getting clients.


This simply isn’t the case.


The most valuable marketing tool is already available at your fingertips—and it doesn’t involve standing in a crowded room with people.


You guessed it. It’s social media. The #1 tool you have access to 24/7, even during shutdown and a pandemic.


Yet, I can already hear your struggles. 


  • You don’t know what to say.

  • You don’t know what to post.

  • You absolutely dread doing it.

  • You feel like your time is being sucked.

  • You want efficiency but have no systems or processes.

  • You haven’t posted in MONTHS, if not longer!


Sound familiar?


But there’s a reason (in fact, there are 6) why you need to have a dialed-in social media presence, especially during a pandemic when normal social interaction and networking are no longer cutting it.

6 ways social media has impacted the wedding industry business:

  1. There is an endless amount of wedding and creative event inspiration online. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have helped clients get closer and closer to their ‘dream’ wedding or event. They don’t have to settle for how things have always been done—they can dream big and have clear ideas to present to their vendors.


  2. Professional photography and professional videos circulate on these platforms. We work in a BEAUTIFUL industry captured by talented photographers and videographers, meaning that our industry is so easy to showcase digitally.


  3. Vendors are more accessible than ever. Who doesn’t love a good online snoop? You know what I mean—websites and social media have brought vendors front and center. Wedding clients can easily flip through images, read reviews and get a vibe for a vendor’s business even before they reach out.


  4. Wedding promo. More often than not, wedding clients love sharing pictures and videos from their big day. This creates built-in promotion for your business every time someone shares on social media.


  5. Reviews are readily available. Hardly anyone purchases online anymore without first checking out the reviews. Having a robust digital presence means that potential clients will be able to see the work that you’ve done for previous ones.


  6. Instant access. Potential clients have all of this information at their fingertips. They can save images on their Pinterest board; they can follow anyone on Instagram. Whatever they want, it’s there.


See why your digital presence is so important now?


The key to reducing the overwhelming feelings surrounding social media is to create consistency. But in order to create consistency, you need to have clarity in your message. As soon as you have that clarity, all the negative thoughts you have around social media will cease.


The question then remains: will you be a leader in the social media arena, attracting the couples you want to work with, OR just hope and pray a client ‘finds’ your business?


If you need help bringing this to life, let’s hop on a complimentary 45-minute call and dive into your digital media presence together.

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