3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Lose Inquiries to Competitors

As the pandemic subsides, the wedding and event industries are BOOMING.

Many professionals were booked to their absolute limits this busy season.

Yet others had trouble landing even a few big clients.

So, what gives?

If this was your experience, you might be losing out on potential opportunities to your competitors. 

When this happens, it leaves you uncertain about what to do, stuck with not doing anything, and eventually feeling deflated because it’s a cycle you cannot break.

Most people try to fix this by lowering their pricing — thinking that will get them the booking — or they’ll succumb to negotiations. This is a BIG mistake.

When this happens, wedding and event professionals get way too busy. They’re adding on more unfit clients just to make some profits.

I repeat: this is the WRONG thing to do.

It’s the wrong thing to do because all this does is make you known as the cheap option versus the BEST option for what you do. Worse, it leaves you STUCK, not knowing what to do, working too many hours, feeling overwhelmed, and giving up time with friends, family, and yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s look at three reasons you may be losing inquiries to competitors.

1. You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

If you don’t know who your ideal couple or client is, then how will you sell to them? Entrepreneurs must be able to answer these and many more questions about their ideal audience in order to create a successful wedding and event business.

2. You Have Lack of Clarity on Your Vision

Chances are, you started your business for a very specific reason. Maybe you wanted to create your own schedule or be in charge of your time off. Maybe you wanted to tap into your creativity. Maybe you wanted to connect with people.

The thing is, all of these are good reasons for wanting to start your own business, but they are just that: reasons. You need to THEN be able to translate these desires into crystal clear clarity on how you will run your business. 

Knowing your “North Star” and what it represents will guide you through every step and process of your business. If you don’t have it, every idea sounds like a good one. (Which definitely isn’t true.) This ends up confusing your potential clients, and they’ll look elsewhere for a business that feels more cohesive.

3. You’re Doing It All Alone

Entrepreneurs are often a “one-person show,” yet this approach isn’t sustainable. When you don’t take on help — whether that’s delegating work, seeking help through a mentor, or simply automating some of your processes — your work starts to slip.

And you know what — clients notice this. When you have too many balls in the air and clients don’t feel confident in your abilities to get it all finished, they are less likely to recommend you to others.

Speaking of not doing it alone…my schedule is now open for Breakthrough calls. If you’re struggling with ghosting clients, losing clients to competitors, or succumbing to negotiations, I can help guide you in making the changes you need to put your business on the route to success.

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