The REAL Reason Your Clients Aren’t Paying Your High-Ticket Prices

Do you ever wonder how other wedding and creative event professionals are doing it?…


How they’re booking high-end, luxury packages?…


How clients are agreeing to their prices, which are 2x or even 3x more expensive than yours?…


Even in a global pandemic?…


These top 1% of professionals are succeeding in landing high-ticket packages for two reasons.


And chances are if your clients aren’t paying your high-ticket prices, it’s because of the same two reasons.

Let’s dive into them.

Reason 1: 

Trying vs. Committed Attitude

There are two types of solopreneurs. You’re either someone who tries things out, or you’re someone who commits. 


The first category of solopreneurs’ tries on’ the idea of earning 5-figures a month. These types will tinker with their website; they will try new marketing techniques; they’ll switch up their social media presence often. Essentially, they throw things at a wall, and they just see what sticks. They might make 5-figures a month; they might not. And if they do, it wasn’t intentional.


The second category of solopreneurs is the ones who are committed from the start. They’ve got a goal in mind, they know they can reach it, and they’re ready to fully throw themselves into the process. They’re not trying on the idea of 5-figure months; they have the mindset, and they’re now working backward to figure out how they’re going to command it. These are the professionals who are landing the high-ticket clients.

See the difference in attitude?


Reason 2:

I believe I’ll make it vs. I’ll believe it WHEN… Mindset


In this case, mindset matters. The first category of solopreneurs believes that they can command luxury prices. They believe they can do it before they have the results to back up those beliefs. They believe they have what it takes.


Essentially, they declare that they are going to have a successful business. And then they go out, they find the support, they find the strategy, and they turn that belief into a reality. 


The second group only believes in themselves WHEN something happens. They don’t have the confidence or the strategy or the support (yet) to believe they can command luxury prices.


So…why are these two things important?


Because it works. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.


Take Walt Disney. In the early days of animating, he declared that he would create an empire. He declared his vision to create not just Mickey, not just the character caricature of a mouse, but a multi-national industry giant. 


He was confident of his vision of a modern corporate utopia as an extension of traditional American values through his passion for drawing caricatures and animation. Then his studio started forming. 


The work didn’t start after he believed and committed to a world of imagination and innovation that would enter every single household on this planet. It started before—which is where your vision needs to start, too.


To get started, ask yourself these two questions.


  1. What can I believe right now?


    For instance, if you don’t believe you can get someone to purchase a $3-10K package from you, can you believe that you’re a great wedding and event professional? That you’re really good at what you do? If so, that’s a belief you can stack on.


  2. Where can I borrow some certainty right now?


    Is there anyone in your niche in your town in one of your Facebook groups? Someone else who is charging those high-end packages, getting those five-figure a month clients? Can you find a reason to believe you are smart? Or as talented? Or as hard-working as they are? And if so, get in there, let that certainty of others rub off on you.


If you’re having trouble coming up with the answers to these two important questions, let’s hop on a complimentary 45-minute call to discover what it is that you bring to your business. We’ll uncover your strengths and start stacking block after block on those strengths so you can start commanding what you’re worth.

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