Elevating Your Business through Client Experience: Lessons from a Recent Personal Experience

Hello, creative event and wedding business owners! Today, I wanted to share a recent experience that not only reinforced the principles I teach, but also highlighted the crucial role the client experience plays in elevating the quality of clients you attract. As business owners, it’s essential to step into the shoes of our clients, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey from start to finish. Let’s delve into the story that unfolded and extract valuable lessons that can transform the way you approach your business.

The Critical Importance of Client Treatment

This week, I underwent a medical procedure, providing a firsthand look at how client experience can either make or break a business.

And if you’re new here, I want to take a moment to interject that my background involves working in Five Diamond resorts and hotels. This means I always emphasize the importance of treating clients with white-glove service and a commitment to excellence. I use this lens every day to help my coaching clients, but I also notice how other businesses are run outside of our industry.

So back to the medical appointment. I received a prep call, showcasing proactive care—a valuable lesson in setting clients up for success. However, certain missteps in the process highlighted the need for thorough communication, especially when clients are unsure about logistics.

Lesson 1: Clear Communication and Thoroughness

The experience began with a prep call advising me to arrive early, but upon my early arrival, there was a lack of readiness. Clear communication about where to go and what to expect is crucial, mirroring the white-glove service we aim to provide at events. This includes everything from ensuring clients have the right address to knowing where to park and where to go upon arrival. It seems obvious, but so many businesses fail to provide these important details!

Lesson 2: Never Ignore Client Needs

So I’m already a little bit upset that I’ve arrived early and the medical team wasn’t ready, despite asking me to come early. But the turning point really came when I was left alone for an extended period in a room adjacent to the nurses’ break area. I was left alone in a room for over an hour, was freezing cold, and also had an IV, so I couldn’t easily leave the room.

Despite my discomfort and attempts to seek assistance, my needs were ignored by the staff. This brings us to a fundamental lesson: never ignore your clients when something is amiss. Prompt and empathetic responses can transform a challenging situation. In my case, even an update would have been helpful — I understand that sometimes things get behind — but I received no updates whatsoever.

Lesson 3: The Impact of Empathy and Personalization

Enter Angelica, my savior in this ordeal. She came into the room, took care of me and answered my questions, and just made sure that I was feeling okay. Her empathy, swift actions, and personal touches turned the experience around.

In the events industry, clients often feel overwhelmed, and providing a personal touch can alleviate their concerns, ensuring they feel heard and cared for.

Lesson 4: Consistency is Key

While the initial stages of my experience were marked by inconsistencies and oversights, Angelica’s intervention brought consistency and a sense of genuine care. When I found out that I would need to see another doctor that day, she helped me through the process of signing paperwork to OK the change while also providing comfort and guidance through the entire process.

Consistency, whether in service or communication, is the bedrock of a positive client experience.

Lesson 5: Personalization Matters

The ordeal continued with more oversights, from annoying instances like assuming my relationship status to rushing my departure.

These seemingly minor details, when overlooked, can impact a client’s perception. Take the time to personalize interactions and avoid treating clients like numbers in a system.

Elevate Your Business with Personalized Automation

As business owners, it’s crucial to evaluate our workflows and processes. I often talk about the importance of automation with personalization. If you feel overwhelmed and unable to provide the attention clients deserve, it’s time for a change.

This means implementing personalized automation — where your client processes get streamlined while still being warm and personable — to ensure a positive experience every time. And with those positive experiences, you will elevate the quality of clients you attract.

By infusing empathy, personalization, and consistency into your operations, you not only attract high-quality clients but also set the stage for enduring success in the creative events and wedding industry.

Transform Your Business with a Breakthrough Call

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